Film and Video

This area has specialized departments dedicated to production of film and video dubbing and mixing. We have the best equipment and software and the best sound and post-production professionals.

We also have a specialized department dedicated to subtitling.

Furthermore, we record and prepare masters for video games dubbing.

Film and video dubbing and voice over

Film and video dubbing and voice over

We have an extensive experience in dialog recording and mixing for films as well as for video.

All of our mix rooms have the Dolby certification and are adapted to ensure the best result in the projects requested by our clients.

5.1 and 7.1 mix, DOLBY ATMOS.

We provide our clients with a catalog of more than 700 different voices. 

We provide all the options: thehatrical (premieres), video (for TV and VOD), TV series (series and sitcoms), documentaries, and video games.

Film and video mix

Film and video mix

The mix is the unification of ALL the sound to be able to hear and understand everything perfectly.

In order to do this, we have:

  • One Dolby Atmos film mix room
  • Two 7.1 and 5.1 film mix rooms with Dolby certification
  • One 5.1 video mix room with Dolby certification
  • One 2.0 video mix room with Dolby certification
  • One Dolby Atmos Home video mix room
  • Six dubbing rooms (film/video)

Audio and video post-production

Audio and video post-production

We make audio and video corrections and editing.

Furthermore, we have an extensive bank of special sounds (steps, cars, siren, etc.) to enrich soundtracks which may need it. 

We prepare masters in every current format (HDCAM SR, HD CAM, BTC-D, etc.), we insert the audio tracks required by the client and we create inserts for on-screen text in 2D and 3D images.

It’s also possible to prepare a master in digital file format for any VOD or TV platform. It allows us to deliver to the clients the type of file that they may need via Aspera, Arkena (Smartjog)…



We make every kind of subtitles for film (.xml), video (.stl, .srt) and subtitles for people with hearing disabilities. 

We use FAB, a subtitle editor compatible with all the possible input formats.

We have different translators/dialogue adapters who prepare the required subtitles.

Video games dubbing

Video games dubbing

Facing the current boom of the video games market and the improvement of the quality of the image and the sound in the latest works, in TECNISÓN we have decided to invest on dubbing and voice over for entertainment software.

The final work has the same quality as a film. We are in constant contact with the client during all the process.

Dolby Atmos


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